Combining Japanese tradition with global flavours and exciting textures, Maki is a leader in contemporary Japanese cuisine with five award-winning restaurants already established internationally.

Inspired by Japanese food and tradition, co-founders and brothers Oliver Zeitoun and Amer Zeitoun wanted create a cuisine that transcends the boundaries of culture and country.

Come in, feel at home, discover a multitude of flavours in one bite and enter an exciting new culinary experience on each visit.

Oliver Zeitoun was at the height of his career as a director of a leading advertising agency. Being passionate about food and Japanese cuisine in particular, Oliver would hold dinner parties at his house, where he treated his friends and family to the product of his experimentations with Japanese cuisine.

In 2002, Oliver partnered with brother Amer, who was an agricultural engineer by trade, to open a ‘hole-in-the-wall’ restaurant that seated only 38 people, where people would line up outside to be seated. Fast forward many years later, Maki has become a well-recognized brand with several contemporary Japanese restaurants that cater to adoring gourmands across the mid-east region. Joining this family-run business in 2011, Chef Louis Kenji Huang teamed up with the brothers who had been experimenting with, innovating, and researching global gastronomy in order to bring together cultures and cuisines.

The Maki Family continues to strive to create dishes that excite and inspire you.